Marine Biologist - MTCC

Deadline: 18 March 2024 | Salary: MVR 17,500

Reference No: MTCC-HRD-IU-2024-0053
Job Title: Marine Biologist (1)
Division: Construction Support Division
Work Location: MTCC Tower
Application Deadline: 18-Mar-2024

Overall Responsibilities of the Post
The Marine Biologist will be responsible for conducting comprehensive marine ecological surveys, including coral reef assessments and fish population assessments, within the designated study area. This role requires data collection, analysis, and reporting of findings aligned with EPA standards.
Specific Duties Surveying:
- Design and implement scientifically sound survey methodologies for both coral reef assessments and fish population assessments, adhering to established EPA protocols.
- Conduct fieldwork at designated survey sites, employing appropriate equipment and techniques (e.g., line transects, quadrats, timed swims and underwater visual censuses).
- Collect data on environmental parameters as required, including:
- Coral reef health (e.g., percent cover, coral bleaching, disease prevalence)
- Fish abundance, diversity, functional group distribution and size structure.
- Water quality parameters (e.g., temperature, salinity, pH)
Data Analysis and Reporting:
- Organize, and analyze collected data using appropriate statistical software and techniques.
- Interpret results and identify key trends and patterns in coral reef health and fish populations.
- Generate clear and concise reports, summarizing findings with graphs, images, and relevant statistics.
- Ensure reports meet EPA standards for scientific content, format, and data presentation.
Additional Responsibilities:
- Participate in team meetings and collaborate with other members and stakeholders.
- Prepare briefings to communicate findings to diverse audiences.
- Stay up-to-date on current research and best practices in marine ecology.
- Provide technical expertise and recommendations related to the field as required

Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor's Degree in Marine Biology or Marine Science or any equivalent with 02 year of experience in a related field

Salary with other allowance: MVR 17,500
- Overtime
- Medical Insurance
- Pension Scheme


Interested candidates should submit their application through MTCC's online job application portal website  

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