Company Secretary - Addu International Airport

Application ends: 5 March 2024

IUL: AIA/IL/E2/2024/03

We are currently seeking a Company Secretary to oversee and optimize the compliance, governance, and administrative functions specifically pertaining to the Board.

Position: Company Secretary
Requirement / Qualifications:
Level 9 certificate in a relevant field with two years’ experience in managing a private company or a government Entity.
Bachelor’s degree in a related field with 6 years’ experience in managing a private company or a government Entity.

Field of Education: Business Management or Law

Key responsibilities:
• Facilitating and ensuring the efficient administration of Board meetings including planning, calling, conducting and record-keeping in accordance with the Company’s Act, Corporate Governance Code, CMDA regulations, and the company's articles and by laws:
• Ensuring that the conduct of the general meetings and Extra Ordinary meetings (as and when required).
• Supporting effective Board administration and serving as liaison between the directors and management
• Providing the Board as a whole and directors individually with detailed guidance as to how their responsibilities should be properly discharged in the best interests of the company,
• Assisting and advising the chairperson of the Board and reporting to the Board on the company's compliance with the corporate governance requirements, this Code and other internal corporate rules and policies, the company charter and by-laws and any other relevant laws or regulations
• Assisting the Board in reporting the company's compliance with this Code of Corporate Governance in the Annual Report and on the company's web site:
• Keep the board updated on deadlines for submission of reports required under PCB, CMDA and any other relevant regulations.
• Monitoring and arranging procedures for compliance with relevant regulatory and legal requirements, providing clarifications to the Board regarding the requirements of laws, this Code, rules of corporate conduct for the company charter and other legal acts, and introducing to newly elected Board members this Code and the legal acts regulating the company's corporate governance and provides any clarifications requested by the Board. This also includes updating the board on any changes to the procedures, guidelines, regulations.
• Plays a key role in the application of corporate governance in a company.
• Should ensure that the company complies with its constitution and all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements, codes of conduct and rules established by the Board.
• Ensure high-level administrative support is provided to the Managing Director by efficient handling of correspondence and coordination between Managing Director and the Board and assist in maintaining a professional relationship between the Parties.
• Provide assisted and information requested by PCB and CMDA in accordance with Laws and Regulation.

To be uploaded when submitting application:
• Photocopy of the applicants National ID, Educational certificates, and Reference letter
• Police report (not less than 3 months from the date of issuance)
Deadline: 5 th March 2024

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