Sales Officer - Zetta Enterprises

Application ends: 25 Jan 2024

Position: Sales Officer

Zetta Enterprises is a dynamic and visionary organization boasting an impressive array of subsidiaries (Zetta Group) that span multiple industries. We are driven by our commitment to delivering exceptional results and providing world-class customer service. At Zetta, we believe in being pioneers, tackling society's most pressing issues with our innovative solutions. We are a company that takes pride in our collective work, and our team is made up of individuals passionate about making a difference.

Join us and participate in an exciting and meaningful journey shaping the future of multiple industries. As a team member, you'll be able to work with a diverse group of individuals who value collaboration, creativity, and excellence. We offer a work environment that fosters professional development and growth, and we also believe in supporting our team members in their personal lives. Be a part of something extraordinary at Zetta Group. We're excited to have you on board!

Job Summary
The Sales Officer is required to initiate the sales process by scheduling appointments, creating presentations, and understanding customer requirements. The Sales Officer is also required to close sales by building rapport with potential accounts.

Key Responsibilities
Promptly address Requests for Quotation (RFQ), thoroughly understanding client needs to craft competitive quotes that meet customer requirements effectively.
Ensure meticulous management of the invoicing process, guaranteeing accuracy and timeliness in financial transactions for smooth sales operations.
Coordinate deliveries through effective collaboration with internal teams, ensuring on-time shipment and bolstering overall customer satisfaction.
Drive revenue growth and significantly contribute to the company's success through proactive sales approaches.
Collaborate closely with the sales team to provide technical expertise during customer interactions, product demonstrations, and presentations.
Effectively communicate the value proposition of our products/services to potential customers through clear and persuasive technical presentations.
Conduct product demonstrations to showcase the features, benefits, and functionality of our products/services, highlighting how they meet customer needs.
Serve as a primary point of contact for customers post-sale, providing prompt and effective technical support to address their technical issues, troubleshoot problems, and offer solutions.

 Minimum of 2 years of experience in the sales and marketing field.
 Ability to communicate fluently in Dhivehi and English.
 Strong understanding of sales processes and capacity to learn.

Salary and benefit
 Competitive Salary
 Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
Opportunities for Professional Development & Learning

Application deadline
Interested candidates, please email your CV and relevant documents to before 25th January 2024.

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