Senior Software Developer / Senior Software Architect (Contract) - Ministry of Social and Family Development

Application ends: 10 March 2024

Senior Software Developer / Senior Software Architect (Contract)
Vacancy in Ministry of Social Family Development

Background and Objective
The Ministry of Social and Family Development is looking for contract staff for its Information Technology Section / Systems Development and Management Unit. The objective of the staff is to design, develop, document, and integrate software systems to meet the business processes of the Ministry, by using modern technologies/techniques in line with the policies of the Ministry to improve services and ensure effective service delivery. The staff is to work along with the Information Technology team at the Ministry.

Qualification & Experience
Bachelor’s degree (level 7 or 8) in information technology / computer science / software engineering or related field.
Minimum 5-7 years of professional work experience in software development and having 7-10 years or more experience is a preferred advantage.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities
- Designing the overall system architecture, which involves understanding the requirements of the software project and translating them into a well-defined system design, by considering factors such as scalability, performance, security, and maintainability, while designing the architecture.
- Participate in the complete software development life cycle (through agile methods) from requirements gathering to deployment and maintenance.
- Development and implementation of flowcharts, guidelines and policies related to the software applications, systems, and online services.
- Provide technical guidance and mentoring other IT team members, while being proficient in various programming languages, frameworks, and tools, and guide the IT team in making informed technical decisions.
- Design and develop software, which provides quality, high performance, user-centered, data rich and mobile responsive web applications.
- Develop integration among different software applications and conduct data migration from old datasets/DBs/data in Excel/etc., to newly developed systems.
- Analyze the software and application requirements and arrange them by priority levels, to ensure that they are feasible and aligned with the overall system design, by collaborating with the stakeholders, end-users, and relevant department/section heads, to gather and clarify the requirements.
- Responsible for ensuring code quality and adherence to coding standards, by conducting regular code reviews to identify and address any architectural or design issues, which helps in maintaining a high-quality codebase and ensures that the software is built according to the defined architecture.
- Collaborate with stakeholders, end-users, and the development team, to ensure that the software architectural decisions are understood and implemented correctly, which helps in aligning the technical vision with the project goals and facilitates smooth project execution.
- Assess potential risks related to the software architecture, such as performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, or integration challenges, and devise strategies to mitigate them, which helps in minimizing project risks and ensuring successful software delivery.
- Design and develop APIs for stakeholders to access the Ministry’s data.
- Create and maintain software architectural documentation, including diagrams, design patterns, and technical specifications, so that this documentation will serve as a reference for the development team and help in maintaining the system over time.
- Providing support, guidance and training for the software applications to all staff in the Ministry, its offices and centers across the Maldives.
- Collaborating and working closely with the other IT team members, such as helpdesk and IT officers, and network administrators.
- Stay at par with the constantly evolving technology, latest trends, and advancements in the IT industry, this includes researching modern technologies, attending IT training sessions or conferences, and continuously learning to enhance technical skills and knowledge.
If required, supervise and monitor the IT staff and evaluate their work.
- Attend to any other IT related work or tasks assigned by the IT Section HoD.

2 years (Renewed based on performance)

Official Working Hours
Sunday to Thursday, 9AM to 3PM

Required Skills and Technical Expertise
- Excellent communication skills in both Dhivehi and English.
- Excellent project and time management skills.
- Solid software development background including design patterns, data structures, and test-driven development.
- Experience in using PHP Laravel or other PHP web application framework.
- In depth knowledge of a CSS framework (Eg: Bootstrap, Semantic UI, etc).
- In-depth knowledge of a Javascript framework (Eg: NestJS, VueJS, NodeJS, etc).
- In depth knowledge of MySQL relational database.
- Good web design skills and knowledge in UI design.
- Knowledge of best practices related to secure development, cybersecurity, and software maintenance.
Additional Skills as an Advantage
- Strong commitment and willingness to work outside official working hours when required.
- When required, able to travel to Ministry’s offices/centers in the greater Male’ area and across the atolls for carrying out IT related tasks/activities.
- Ability to work in a team and work independently.
- Analytical mindset and ability to approach challenges creatively.
- Strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail.
- Ability to assess and communicate issues clearly.
- Knowledge in mobile application development.
- Knowledge of MSSQL relational database.
- A passion for improving application performance and system debugging.
- Ability to learn other coding languages as needed.
- Ability to keep up with software industry trends and innovation.
- Ability to work under pressure and deliver project objectives.
Remuneration and Leave details
Successful candidate will be paid a fixed monthly fee depending on qualification and experience ranging from MVR17650 (Salary 9000/- and Allowances 8020/-)  (Salary xx and Allowances xx) (salary will be set based on pay commission circular no.: 13/NPC/CIR/2018/5). In addition, any fees payable to the individual for duty travel assignments, Ramadan allowance shall be compensated at the government prevailing rates. Fixed monthly fee shall be subject to deduction for pension and any other statutory requirement as may be applicable.

Documents to Submit
- Job application form
- CV including information that demonstrates that the candidate is qualified to undertake the scope of work.
- National identity card copy of the applicant (Ensure that NID card is not expired)
- Work experience documentation. (Description of similar assignments, and experiences in similar field of work).
- Accredited academic certificates and transcripts, experience letters, and other supporting documents
Candidates interested in applying, please email your CV along with other relevant documents to   before 10 March 2024 13:00. For more information please call +960 3027551

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