ICT Project Manager - MTCC

Application ends: 03 March 2024

Reference No: MTCC-HRD-IU-2023-38
Job Title: ICT Project Manager (1)
Division: Information Communication Technology Division
Work Location: MTCC Tower

Application Deadline: 03-Mar-2024

Specific Duties
- Define project scope, goals, and deliverables, create project schedules, budgets, and resource Overseas project execution, ensuring that project milestones are met, risks are identified and managed, and project progress is reported regularly.
- Facilitate communication between team members, stakeholders, and senior management, ensuring that everyone is informed and aligned on project goals, status, and issues.
- Identify and manage project risks, develop mitigation strategies, and escalate issues when necessary to ensure project success.
- Understand the technical aspects of the project, including hardware, infrastructure, software, and other technologies required for project success. Work closely with technical teams to ensure project requirements are being met.
- Ensure that project deliverables meet the quality standards and specifications defined in the project plan.
- Manage changes to the project scope, schedule, and budget, ensuring that stakeholders are informed and that changes are approved according to the project governance process.
- Build and lead high-performing project teams, ensuring that team members have the necessary skills, resources, and support to deliver the project successfully

Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor's degree in computer science or information technology with 3 years' work experience in a related field

Salary Benefits: Salary : Negotiable

Interested candidates should submit their application through MTCC's online job application portal website https://mtcc.mv/careers  

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