Technician - Amlog

Application ends: 17 Jan 2024

Requirement & Eligibility 
- 1 Technician 
- A relevant degree, certification, or license may be required.
- Ability to multitask and liaise with professionals in different fields.

Job description 
- Inspecting, analysing, and troubleshooting systems and equipment.
- Reading repair manuals and liaising with other professionals.
- Running tests and interpreting results to make effective recommendations.
- Writing up reports, safety regulations, and preventative maintenance plans.
- Sourcing replacement parts.
- Repairing or replacing faulty equipment.
- Providing time and material cost estimates before starting a job.
- Keep abreast of advancements in your field and attend workshops as required.

- Negotiable 
- Flexible Working Hours

You cansend job application by email to:

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