Procurement Assistant - Arriva

Application ends: 05 February 2024


The Procurement officer will be responsible for monitoring and maintaining proper inventory levels to meet operational demand while minimizing costs. Conduct regular stock reconciliations, analyze inventory data, and generate reports to identify discrepancies and implement corrective actions. Ensure all assets and inventory are insured.

-  Support the procurement process by identifying reliable suppliers (Local & International), obtaining quotations, and preparing purchase orders. Collaborate with vendors to ensure timely delivery of goods, resolve issues, and maintain good relationships.
-  Process purchase orders, Boat orders, and other relevant documents accurately and promptly. Coordinate with operations team to ensure smooth flow of Operations.
-  Coordinate transportation and logistics activities, including arranging shipments, managing delivery schedules, and tracking shipments to ensure on-time delivery. Communicate with logistics providers and to resolve any issues that may arise during the transportation process.
-  Coordinate with shipping and customs authorities to ensure smooth clearance of international shipments and compliance with import/export regulations.
-  Overseeing Store operations, including receiving, storing, and dispatching goods. Ensure proper handling, organization, and inventory labeling to optimize space utilization and facilitate efficient retrieval.
-  Coordinate delivering goods to Boats as needed, ensuring accurate and timely delivery.
-  Regularly perform stock counts, cycle counts, and physical inventory checks to maintain accurate stock records. Identify and investigate any discrepancies, taking appropriate actions to reconcile inventory levels.
-  Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation related to purchase orders, contracts, invoices, shipping documents, and other records. Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and contribute to developing standardized processes and procedures.
-  Ensure all insurance policies are upto date.
-  Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation related to insurance.
- Ensure all documentation and procedures go as per guidelines in case of Insurance claim

-Minimum Diploma in a relevant field
-Minimum two (2) years proven work experience
-Proficiency with computers and bookkeeping software and MS Office Package
- Ability to work independantly and in teams

Remuneration: Mvr 8,000-10,000                    
Worksite: Male'

You can apply online or send job application by email to: 

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